Ringneck Software, LLC

An Idaho-based developer of applications for Apple’s iOS platform.


BulletDrop+ is an expansion upon my first iOS app, BulletDrop.

Additional features:

  • Save frequently used data sets so they can be easily retrieved later.
  • iCloud support for iOS 7 and above.  Restore data from iCloud and share across iOS devices.
  • Select difference drop models.  The majority of published ballistics coefficients (BC) are measured using the G1 or Ingalls model.  Some manufacturers also publish BCs using the G7 model.  Please consult your projectile manufacturer’s documentation.
  • No ads.

Thank all of you for your support.  It has been humbling to say the least.  You continue to remind me that shooters and gun people are some of the best people on the planet.

Download BulletDrop+ from the Apple AppStore.